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New Starter Solenoid 2001-2010 7.3 7.3l 6.0 6.0l 6.4 6.4l Powerstroke

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For :   •  Ford 3.0-3.5kW OSGR Starters
Dimensions:  •  Batt. Term. M10 x 1.5
•  Motor Term. M10 x 1.5
•  Switch Term. M6 x 1.0 Post

Features:  •  100% New 
•  Premium Quality

Used On:  Ford (2001-2010)
Replaces:  Ford 7C3U-11390-BA, VP7C3U-11390-AB
Unit Nos:  Ford 1C24-11000-AA, 1C2Z-11002-AA, 1C2Z-11002-AARM, 1C3U-11000-AA, 1C3U-11000-AB, 1C3U-11000-AC, 1C3U-11000-AD, 1C3U-11000-AE, 1C3Z-11002-AA, 1C3Z-11002-AARM, 2C24-11000-AA, 2C3T-11000-AA, 2C3T-11000-AB, 2C3Z-11002-AA, 3C3U-11000-AB, 3C3U-11000-AC, 3C3Z-11002-AA, 3C3Z-11002-AARM, 6C2T-11000-AA, 6C2Z-11002-AA, 6C2Z-11V002-ARM1, 7C3T-11000-AA, 7C3T-11000-AB, 7C3Z-11002-AA, 7C3Z-11V002-AARM1, SA-965; Ford Engineering 1C24-AA, 1C3U-AA, 1C3U-AB, 1C3U-AC, 1C3U-AD, 1C3U-AE, 2C24-AA, 3C3U-AB, 3C3U-AC, 6C2T-AA, 7C3T-AA, 7C3T-AB, RM7U2J11A230BA; IHC, Navistar 6011123C91
Lester Nos:  6669, 6670, 6675