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About Us

We are not a junk yard.  

We have a very unique Business Model here at Diesel Redemption. We specialize in only Powerstroke and Duramax vehicles.

Many years ago, we realized that Government agencies all over North America only run their trucks for 3-10 years, and then write them off for scrap. So we got all the licenses needed to purchase these "write-offs".We have select vendors and governmental entities that we purchase from.

We only purchase from vendors that have taken their fleet to the dealer for service and repairs because our tax dollars are hard at work.

For Example:

When the Ford dealer writes up a $32,000 estimate of repairs, the Fire Chief gives them the go-ahead and these trucks get pampered! NOW, when it comes time for City Council to strike a deal to swap out the fleet of 500 or so, the "old" ones are taken out of service, and new ones roll in. Now here's where it gets good.... ALL the vehicles taken out of service were kept in 100% working, operating condition! There is no oversite where someone has the brains to say, "Hey, we just put a new engine and six tires on that truck, maybe we should run it a little longer". NOPE, out of service they go! They can never be re-titled and must be "dismantled".

That's where we come in! That's how we get such premium product.